Asian BBW Tyung Le takes on a Big Dick

Tyung Le accepts the challenge and takes on Christian’s dick with a vengeance. Excellent cock sucking which is followed by intense fucking in this scene.

Gorgeous Asian BBW Tyung Le takes Christian’s dicking and begs for more on

Cast:  Tyung Le, Christian

Tyung Le is one of a rare kind.  An Asian BBW.  You don’t find that combination very often.

Tyung Le poses prior to scene

Tyung has also been a very active porn star, appearing in many films/videos.

There are a handful of Asian porn stars out there.  However, in addition to Tyung Le, only Kelly Shibari and Twilight Starr are the only other Asian BBWs that are on the level of prominence that Tyung is.

I have also included Miss LingLing on this blog (another gorgeous Asian BBW).

Tyung Le shows off her ass and pussy

In this episode, Tyung takes on a well endowed Male Porn Star of the name Christian, and it is an AMAZING sex scene.

First, Tyung gives Christian an AWESOME blowjob.

Tyung Le gives nice blow job

Afterward, they follow up with some SIZZLING fucking.

Although Tyung is a big girl (hence the reason for her being on this blog), she can still fuck like women half her weight.  She works Christian’s cock BUT good.

Tyung Le rides a cock, reverse cowgirl

Next, Christian finishes the scene with the customary spraying of cum all over Tyung (customary for porn that is).

Now, I will state that I have NEVER completed a sexual encounter in that manner.  I probably would have gotten a swift kick in the balls, if I tried to do that with some of the women that I’ve been with.

But girls in Porn are different, aren’t they?

Also, spraying spunk all over a woman does not make that after-sex cuddle (which many women like) very convenient or pleasant.

She would have to take a shower first.

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Tyung Le taking a cock from behind


Gorgeus Asian BBW Tyung Le services Guy DiSilva

A short video of a sizzling scene with Tyung Le and Guy DiSilva.

Gorgeous Asian BBW Tyung Le takes on Stud Guy DiSilva at

Cast:  Tyung Le, Guy DiSilva

In this post, we’ve included a video of Tyung Le (a Gorgeous Asian BBW) in a sizzling scene with regular Chubbyloving stud Guy DiSilva.

Tyung Le poses prior to scene

For those of you that do not know, Tyung is one of the premier BBW Pornstars in the Industry.  She also has the added benefit of being a gorgeous Asian/Filipina.

If a gorgeous BBW with a Far-East flavor is your thing, then “your ship has come in” my friend.

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