Japanese BBW Pornstar – Kelly Shibari Returns

Gorgeous Japanese BBW Pornstar Kelly Shibari appears at the JeffsModels.com for an INTENSE sex session. Enjoy!!

Gorgeous Japanese BBW Pornstar, Kelly Shibari shows and proves at JeffsModels.com

Cast:  Kelly Shibari, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another EXCELLENT post for you today!!

Kelly Shibari poses prior to scene

Today I bring you (again), Kelly Shibari!!

I did a post of Kelly shortly after I started up this blog.

As you can see, Kelly is a GORGEOUS Asian (Japanese) BBW!!

She has a WONDERFUL Curvy SSBBW body and she also has some VERY NICE and BIG Tits.

Kelly was born in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese.

Kelly Shibari starts sucking a cock

However, she also spent a lot of time in the United States (New York City area) and speaks fluent English as well.

She entered the porn industry in 2007 and has been active in the industry since then.

For those of you that care about such things, Kelly celebrates her birthday on September 9th.

Therefore, she is a Virgo, my friends.

Another interesting fact about Kelly is that she is one of the few pornstars that informed her Mother of her plans to go into porn before actually doing so.

Kelly Shibari rides a cock, reverse cowgirl style

Kelly mentioned that the reason why she was able to do this (and many pornstars in the U.S.A are not able to) is that sex is not near the taboo topic, in Japan that it is, here in the United States.

In this episode, Kelly hooks up with one our studs at the JeffsModels.com studios.

This scene starts out with Kelly giving our stud a very nice blowjob.

Afterward, our lucky stud gets to pound Kelly’s gorgeous pussy.

I will let the photos and video (from our friends at JeffsModel.com) reveal what all goes on during this episode.

Kelly Shibari gets fucked from behind

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the first four images within this post.

Click HERE or click on the 5th image within this post to see a short video from this scene.



Our stud continues to fuck Kelly Shibari



Gorgeous Japanese BBW – Kumiko Hayama

Japanese BBW Kumiko Hayama takes on our stud at the studio of JapaneseJuggs.com. She starts out by sucking his cock. Afterward, he tit-fucks her and then he pounds her pussy in this AMAZING scene.

Gorgeous Japanese Pornstar Kumiko Hayama takes on Stud at the studios of JapaneseJuggs.com

Cast:  Kumiko Hayama, Uncredited Male

Kumiko is another gorgeous Japanese BBW.

Kumiko Hayama sucking cock

Although, again (as in the case of Marai Haneda), Kumiko is a very LIGHT BBW.

I’m sure that she has very big tits and is quite heavy by Japanese standards.

However, by American standards, Kumiko is a lot closer to the petite side than the SSBBW side, for sure.

Kumiko Hayama allowing stud to tit fuck her.

There is a big difference between Kumiko and (ah say) Julia Sands.

Nonetheless, Kumiko is gorgeous, has some very nice tits and is absolutely gorgeous.

This scene opens up with her sucking our stud’s cock.  That is a very nice start.

Afterward, our stud fucks her tits and then he gets to pound her pussy.

Kumiko Hayama showing off her tits

I would like to thank our friends at JapaneseJuggs.com for the photos for this post.

Often times, in Japanese porn, the stud will typically give the woman a creampie.  I don’t know if that happens here (in this scene) or not.

Kumiko Hayama taking some dick

In American and European porn, the stud will typically “pull out” and will cum all over the model’s face or tits.

If you wish to see more photos from this AMAZING scene, then click HERE or click one any of the five images within this post.


Kumiko Hayama getting fucked

Marai Haneda works the Stud

Marai Haneda is a gorgeous Asian pornstar with nice big tits. Our stud makes a deal with her. She gives him a blowjob and lets him tit-fuck her. He eats her pussy and then fucks her. She accepts the deal and the AMAZING action begins.

Gorgeous Japanese Pornstar with Big Tits, Marai Haneda takes on our Stud at JapaneseJuggs.com

Cast:  Marai Haneda, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody.

We have another gorgeous Asian Pornstar for you, on this blog.

Marai Haneda gets cozy with Stud

I do hesitate to call her a BBW because she is not overweight by very much.

Although she does have some very nice and big tits.  They are big enough to Titty-Fuck (something we take for granted with ordinary BBWs).  So, for that reason, I included her on this blog.

I suspect, on an Asian scale, Marai would be considered a BBW.

Marai Haneda sucks cock

But when you compare Marai’s to that of someone like Sofia Rose.  I don’t need to say much more.

Nonetheless, Marai is certainly worth the look.  She is gorgeous and our stud is VERY fortunate to have his way with her (even if temporary).

Stud tit fucks Marai Haneda

I would like to thank our friends at JapaneseJuggs.com for the pictures of Marai.

Marai gives our stud a very nice blowjob.  Afterward, he repays her by eating her pussy and then fucking her tits.  (Sounds like a fair trade to me).

Marai Haneda has her Pussy eaten

Finally, our stud gets to pound Marai’s pussy.

I’m green with envy of course.

If you are interested in seeing more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five photos within this post.


Marai Haneda takes some dick

Ran Yatsuki, Japanese BBW, debuts on my Blog

Ran Yatsuki, a gorgeous Japanese BBW makes her porn debut. She takes a dicking and also squirts like a pro during this scene.

Ran Yatsuki, Gorgeous Japanese BBW debuts at JapaneseJuggs.com

Cast:  Ran Yatsuki, Uncredited Male

Hello, my Friends,

Today I have found another Asian BBW.  Perhaps they are not as rare (a find) as I thought.

Thus far we have:

Still, I find that most Asian girls don’t put on very much weight and are usually very thin.

Ran Yatsuki poses prior to shoot

But it is very nice to find some exceptions to that rule.

Ran Yatsuki hails from Japan.

BTW, Japan (along with Eastern Europe) are two very big and emerging porn markets.  There is a lot of porn coming out of both of those places.

If you are interested in Asian Porn (in particular) then you will find that Japan is (by far) the largest producer of porn.

OK, enough this the educational portion of this post.

Ran Yatsuki gets cozy with stud

Ran Yatsuki is (what I would call) Pleasantly Plump.  She is certainly not an SSBBW (Super-Size BBW).

But she as very nice tits and a very nice and curvy body.

Our lucky stud gets to work this beauty over but good.

Ran Yatsuki gets fucked from behind


There is another thing that I’ve noticed about Japanese porn.

They do a lot more creampies than do the American and European productions do.

Ran Yatsuki gets her pussy eaten

In the USA and Europe, the stud will typical pull out, (right before he cums) and sprays it all her the female’s face.

Not so much in Japan.

Ran Yatsuki takes some dick

If you wish to see a larger set of photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images in this post.

We thank JapaneseJuggs.com for the images for this post.


Rendezvous between Kelly Shibari and Carlos

Kelly Shibari and Carlos Rios appear on XL Girls to make a very scintillating and steamy scene.

Gorgeous Asian BBW Kelly Shibari has Wild, Passionate, Interracial Sex on XLGirls.com

Cast:  Kelly Shibari, Carlos Rios

Kelly Shibari is a GORGEOUS, Asian BBW that has been in the “porn business” for some time.  She is also one of my favorite BBWs as well!!

Kelly Shibari poses with CarloThere are not many Asian BBWs in porn.  Aside from Kelly, some of the other (main performers) that come to mind are Tyung Le and Twilight Starr.

I have also included Miss LingLing (another gorgeous Asian BBW) on this blog.

This particular scene has her hooking up with one of the ScoreGroup’s Main Studs Carlos Rios.

Kelly Shibari and CarloThe result is a very scintillating scene, in which Carlos works Kelly over … but good.

Kelly Shibari and CarloClick on any of the first four images to see a more expansive set of photos from this scene.

Kelly Shibari getting fucked by CarloClick on the 5th image to see a short video from this scene.  Enjoy!!!


Kelly Shibari rides Carlo's dick