Gorgeous Asian BBW Nan Debuts

Asian BBW Nan debuts with her very first porn experience on the studio of XLAsians.com. In this post, Nan allows our stud to fuck her nice, large tits and she then gives him a wonderful blowjob. Afterward, our lucky fucks her like there is no tomorrow.

Gorgeous Asian BBW Nan debuts on XLAsian.com and takes on our stud

Cast:  Nan, Uncredited Male

Hello All,

It is time for me to introduce you to another Asian BBW.

I admit that these are my favorite kind of women.

Nan poses prior to scene

They are gorgeous, sexy, exotic and still (typically) have very nice and big tits.

Nan (today’s model) is no exception.

This is her debut in the Porn Industry, and we can thank XLAsians.com for the pictures.

In this episode, our lucky stud gets to fuck our model’s nice big tits.

Nan lets our stud lick her tits

Afterward, she gives him a very nice blowjob.

And finally, he pounds her pussy, like there’s no tomorrow.

As an added bonus, Nan is also very young.  Some of the text about her describes her as still being a teenager.

Of course, I presume that they mean that she’s 18 or 19, and no other age.

Our stud fucks Nan's tits

I will continue to keep a sharp eye for Asian BBWs and include them in this blog.

I’m not certain of Nan’s national origin.  I’m guessing “Thai” but I could be wrong.

Nan sucks some cock

Nonetheless, If you wish to see more pictures from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images in this post.


Nan takes some dick

Asian BBW Annie makes Her Debut

Gorgeous Thai BBW Annie makes her debut (in the studios) of XLAsians.com. Our lucky stud gets a wonderful blowjob and also gets to fuck this beautiful woman.

Gorgeous Thai BBW Annie makes her first porn appearances at XLAsians.com

Cast:  Annie, Uncredited Male

Hello All,

I have, yet another Gorgeous Asian BBW for you.

Annie shows off her nice ass

I realize that the words “gorgeous” and “Asian BBW” are a bit redundant.

Nonetheless, today I am introducing you to Annie.

She is of Thai descent and (as far as I can tell) is very new to porn.

Another view of Annie's ass

Since she is so gorgeous and has such an amazing (pleasantly plump) body and beautiful tits, I will do whatever I can to help her career as well.

I would also like to give a “shout out” to XLAsians.com for these photos.

I don’t believe that there is much of a plot in this particular scene (as is common for porn).  Annie shows up at the studio (as does some lucky stud).

Annie gets cozy with our stud

He gets to have his way with her, and we get envious of him.  That’s porn, my friends!!!

Nonetheless, I certainly hope to see more of Annie in the near future.

Annie sucks cock

If you are really interested in Asian BBWs (like I am), then I have a running list of such models, that I have already posted on my blog below.

I will also include Teedra Diora in this group.  I have read (in at least two places) that she is a Filipina.

If you are interested in seeing a larger set of photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images in this post.

Annie takes some dick